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Woven Macrame Gold Bracelet | Adjustable Two-Tone Bracelet | Gift Idea

Woven Macrame Gold Bracelet | Adjustable Two-Tone Bracelet | Gift Idea

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A versatile and adjustable accessory perfect as a gift for her. This two-tone woven bracelet, designed to be double-sided, offers customizable color options to match your preference. Crafted with metallic gold embroidery floss and sturdy 0.8mm nylon cord, the adjustable slip knot ensures a comfortable fit for most wrist sizes.

The shimmering gold embroidery floss adds a touch of sparkle and luxury to this bracelet, enhancing its allure. Available in five captivating colors - dark blue, black, blue, red, and pink - this bracelet comfortably fits an average wrist size of 6.5" (16.5cm) and up. For those with smaller wrists, kindly leave us a message, and we'll customize it accordingly. 

Materials :

★Metallic Gold embroidery floss
★ 0.8mm nylon strong cord
★ Adjustable bracelet - slip knot, you just have to pull the cords. Will fit most size.

We love how the gold embroidery floss makes the bracelet look sparkly and luxe.

Available in 5 colors :

1. Dark blue
2. Black
3. Blue
4. Red
5. Pink

The bracelet fits perfectly for an average wrist size of 6.5" 16.5cm and up. If you have a very small wrist, please leave us a message so we can adjust it to your size.

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