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Woven Evil Eye Bracelet | Adjustable Two-Tone Macrame | Gift Idea

Woven Evil Eye Bracelet | Adjustable Two-Tone Macrame | Gift Idea

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Embrace a touch of protection and style with our Woven Evil Eye Bracelet, an adjustable and thoughtfully crafted accessory designed as a gift for her. This two-tone macrame bracelet features a double-sided 6mm resin flat evil eye bead, available in dark blue and blue variations. You have the option to choose your preferred color combination or request a different color from our available options.

Crafted with sturdy 0.8mm nylon cord and an adjustable slip knot closure, this bracelet offers versatility in sizing, comfortably fitting most wrist sizes. The double-sided design adds depth and charm to this eye-catching accessory.

Choose from our color combinations:

  1. Purple - Dark blue
  2. Orange - Black
  3. Lime - Blue
  4. Orange - Red
  5. Dark blue - Yellow
  6. Turquoise - Light turquoise
  7. Pink - Purple

Expressing both protection and personal style, this bracelet offers not only aesthetic appeal but also the symbolism of the evil eye, making it a meaningful and stylish addition to any ensemble.

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