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Handmade White Worry Beads - Greek Komboloi for Serenity

Handmade White Worry Beads - Greek Komboloi for Serenity

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Discover the ethereal elegance of our Handmade White Worry Beads, meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of serenity and mindfulness. These Greek komboloi beads embody timeless tradition and offer a tangible tool for relaxation.

Measuring approximately 31cm (12.20 inches) in length, these worry beads are meticulously handmade from high-quality resin. The barrel beads, sized at 12mmx16mm (0.47"x0.62"), feature a delicate white hue with a semi-opaque marble design, infusing a touch of sophistication.

Enhanced with stainless steel beads, these worry beads exude a contemporary charm while maintaining their cultural essence. The 1.5mm strong cord offers durability and longevity, allowing you to choose the color that resonates with you.

With an average weight of 43 grams, these worry beads provide a comforting heft, making them an ideal companion for stress relief and meditation. Embrace the artistry and heritage of Greek komboloi while cultivating moments of mindfulness and inner peace.


Item Length (approx.) : 31cm / 12.20 inches
- Beads Material: resin
- Barrel Beads Size (approx.) : 12mmx16mm / 0.47"x0.62" - White beads semi opaque with marble type design
- Stainless beads
- 1.5mm trong cord - you choose your color
- Average weight 43 grams.

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