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Evil Eye Gemstone Handbag Charm | Greek Handcrafted Purse Accessory

Evil Eye Gemstone Handbag Charm | Greek Handcrafted Purse Accessory

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Handcrafted in Greece, this charming accessory combines a dark blue evil eye bead, a genuine gemstone bead, and an 8cm tassel, adding an elegant touch to your bag.

Crafted with care, this handbag charm features an 8mm gemstone bead, a 10mm evil eye bead, and a stainless steel ring, creating a total height of approximately 13cm (5.11 inches). Choose from seven captivating colors, each adorned with a corresponding gemstone bead—Black with Black Onyx, Dark Red with Red Jasper, Dark Blue with Blue Sodalite, Golden with Beige Jade, White with White Turquoise, Cream with Brown Tiger Eye, and Dark Grey with Aqua Nephrite—to infuse your bag with personal style.

Ideal as a thoughtful gift or a unique addition to your purse, this Greek handcrafted charm embodies protection and elegance, making it a statement piece for your accessory collection.

Material :
★ 8 mm gemstone bead
★ 10mm evil eye bead
★ 8cm tassel
★ Stainless steel ting

Total height about 5.11 inches - 13cm


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