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Stainless Hamsa Hand Ear Studs | Protective Greek Jewelry

Stainless Hamsa Hand Ear Studs | Protective Greek Jewelry

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These ear studs feature charming 12x7mm hamsa hand charms that exude elegance and carry a profound symbolic meaning.

Designed for everyday wear, these earrings offer a timeless shine that never tarnishes, ensuring a lasting sparkle. The hamsa hand symbolizes good luck and protection, making these studs not just an accessory but a meaningful piece of Greek jewelry that brings positivity and safeguarding vibes.

The low-stock availability adds an exclusive touch to these unique ear studs, making them a coveted addition to your collection. Perfectly sized for everyday comfort and style, they make an ideal choice for those seeking a blend of elegance and symbolic significance in their accessories.

Materials : 316L Stainless Steel

★ 12x7mm hamsa hand charm

Nice earrings for every day. Never tarnish. Shiny silver. Hypoallergenic.

Hamsa means five in Arabic, so it is fitting that a five fingered hand is also called Hamsa. The hamsa symbol has come to mean good luck and offer protection to whoever wears it.

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