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Handmade Evil Eye White Pomegranate Wall Hanging | Large Wall De

Handmade Evil Eye White Pomegranate Wall Hanging | Large Wall De

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Elevate your space with the exquisite Evil Eye White Pomegranate Wall Hanging—a blend of protective symbolism and artistic craftsmanship. Handmade to perfection, this charming piece features a large Plexiglass pomegranate charm adorned with a delicate silver light blue evil eye, radiating positive energy throughout your home. Measuring 9x10cm, it's a statement of both style and protection. Complete with a twisted cord and a carefully crafted handmade tassel, as well as a silver tone evil eye charm and a brass silver plated Evil eye enamel charm, this wall hanging is a harmonious blend of materials. With a total hanging length ranging from 32 to 35 cm (12.59 - 13.77 inches), this sizable piece is perfect for large halls and promises to safeguard your dwelling. Personalize it further by selecting your preferred cord and tassel option.

Materials :
- Large Plexiglass pomegranate charm with a silver light blue evil eye - Measures 9x10cm
- Twisted cord and handmade tassel
- Silver tone evil eye charm
- Brass silver plated Evil eye enamel charm

Total hanging length about 32 - 35 cm - 12.59 - 13.77 inches

This wall hanging can be personalized with your choice of cord and tassel.


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