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Evil Eye Wall Hanging - Home Protection & Good Luck

Evil Eye Wall Hanging - Home Protection & Good Luck

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Elevate your living space with our captivating Evil Eye Wall Hanging—a fusion of protection and positive energy. This handcrafted piece features a 4 cm (1.65") glass evil eye, renowned for its symbolic power against negative forces. The intricately designed black macrame cord and 10mm evil eye beads add a touch of mystique. With a total hanging length of 15 cm (5.90"), it's both an eye-catching decor element and a symbol of safeguarding your home. Whether as the perfect house protection talisman or a thoughtful gift, this piece radiates positivity and charm.

- 4 cm (1.65") glass evil eye
- Black macrame cord
- 4 10mm evil eye beads
- Total hanging length 15 cm (5.90")


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