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Turquoise Evil Eye Worry Beads | Greek Gift for Protection | Handcrafted Komboloi

Turquoise Evil Eye Worry Beads | Greek Gift for Protection | Handcrafted Komboloi

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This Turquoise Evil Eye Worry Beads, a treasured Greek gift that combines tradition and protection. Handcrafted with care, these worry beads feature turquoise barrel acrylic beads, each carrying the potent symbolism of the Evil Eye to ward off negativity. Measuring approximately 30cm (11.80 inches) in length, this Greek Komboloi is a tangible reminder of ancient wisdom.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of 12mm turquoise beads, thoughtfully strung on a strong 1.5mm turquoise cord for lasting durability. The centerpieces of these beads are the 12mm Turquoise Evil Eye beads, providing a sense of security and positive energy. Enhanced with stainless steel beads, this worry bead strand exudes a contemporary elegance while preserving its cultural significance.

Weighing 44 grams, this handcrafted masterpiece is more than just an accessory—it's a manifestation of tradition, protection, and style. Embrace the rich heritage of Greek culture and empower yourself or a loved one with the timeless essence of the Evil Eye. Elevate your daily rituals, meditation, or simply showcase the allure of the Greek islands with this enchanting Komboloi.


Item Length (approx.) : 30cm / 11.80 inches
Beads Material: Quality turquoise barrel acrylic beads
Beads Size (approx.) : 12mm / 0.47" - turquoise
Quality 1.5 mm strong turquoise cord
12mm Turquoise Evil eye beads
Stainless steel beads
Weight 44 grams

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