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Evil eye Adjustable Bracelet - Good Luck Bracelet - Gift for Her

Evil eye Adjustable Bracelet - Good Luck Bracelet - Gift for Her

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Evil eye Adjustable Bracelet, Good Luck Bracelet, Gift for Her

Very simple Bracelet for everyday. A traditionnal Greek gift for loved ones.

Materials :

★Tiny rhombus evil charm in zamak metal (made in Greece) with a tiny (4mm) aqua color faceted rhinestone stone
★ Stainless steel spacer beads
★ 0.8mm synthetic black cord (strong)
★ Adjustable slip knot, you just have to pull the cords. Will fit most size.

Zamak is a mix alloy of zinc aluminium magnesium and copper that is dipped in silver. It is part of die-casting manufacturing and it has higher aluminium levels than any other alloy. This is why Zamak jewelleries are firm and solid. The hardness gives a bold look and it has a longer lifespan than other zinc can offer.

Unlike the typical accessories, Zamak provides hypoallergenic properties due to its purity. It does not cause a skin rash when perspiration occurs. Zamak is designed for people with sensitive skin so they can wear fabulous items comfortably. It is a reliable alloy that keeps your skin clean and healthy without having allergy symptoms.

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