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Evil Eye Cube Keychain | Greek Gift | Made in Greece Design

Evil Eye Cube Keychain | Greek Gift | Made in Greece Design

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A meticulously handcrafted keychain featuring a large cube adorned with a captivating blue eye, complemented by a blue lava bead and the distinctive letters spelling 'Greece.' Crafted with acrylic, lava beads, stainless steel, and plastic components, this versatile keychain offers customizable cord colors to suit your style.

Measuring approximately 11cm (4.33") in height, this piece makes for a perfect birthday, Mother's Day, or best friend gift. Embrace the cultural charm and thoughtful craftsmanship embodied in this unique accessory. Εvil eye cube keychain - Greek gift - Made in Greece keychain

Keychain made of a large cube with blue eye, a blue lava bead and the letters Greece.

Product Details :
Item Type: Keychain
Design: Handmade
Materials : Acrylic, lava beads, stainless steel, plastic

❣ 17mm acrylic evil eye cube (eyes on the 4 sides)
❣ Blue lava beads
❣ Letters Greece
❣ All metal components are made of stainless steel

You choose your cord color.

Height : about 11 cm - 4.33"

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