Sterling silver Macedonian Vergina sun necklace




Sterling silver Macedonian Vergina Sun necklace.

Materials :

★ Necklace – Delicate Sterling Silver Chain
★ Pendant – Sterling Silver oxydized Reproduction of the Macedonian Vergina Sun (12mm – 0.47″ diameter). One side
★ Sterling Silver secure spring clasp closure

The Vergina Sun, Star of Vergina or Argead Star is the name given to a symbol of a stylised star or sun with sixteen rays. It was unearthed in 1977 during archaeological excavations in Vergina, in the northern Greek region of Macedonia, by Professor Manolis Andronikos. He discovered it on a golden larnax in the tombs of the kings of the ancient kingdom of Macedon and described the symbol variously as a “star”, a “starburst” or as a “sunburst”.
The significance of the Vergina Sun is unclear. Archaeologists do not agree whether the sun was a symbol of Macedon, an emblem of Philip’s Argead dynasty, a religious symbol representing the Twelve Gods of Olympus, or simply a decorative design.

Additional information

Weight 12 g

14 inches – 35.5 cm, 16 inches – 40 cm, 18 inches – 45 cm, 20 inches – 50 cm


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