Evil eye Wall Hanging – Protection and Good Luck Ornament


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Evil eye Wall Hanging – Protection and Good Luck Ornament
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– 7 cm glass evil eye
– 16 evil eye beads
– Large oval acrylic beads

– Total hanging length 15 cm (5.90″)

The perfect protection for your house !

IN THE PAST : According to the tradition, a hundred years ago a stranger man with blond hairs and very clear blue eyes arrived in a small traditional Greek village.The people of the village were so scary about these blue eyes, that they made different items in the shape of a blue eye to protect themselves from the stranger.

The evil eye is very important in Greece and you can see it everywhere : in homes, shops, cars.
Babies are very sensitive to the evil eye. In Greece, all the new moms keep their babies at home for 40 days. They suspend always a little evil eye on the stroller or to the baby’s bed for protection. Shops hang a glass evil eye bead next to the cashier machine to bring them luck and prosperity.

The last years, the evil eye has been a must have fashion accessory. You can find it in jewelry, car accessory, home decoration, baby protection on safety pins.

It is an excellent gift for yourself or for loved one.

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