Pearl evil eye flower girl bracelet, evil eye girl bracelet




Pearl evil eye Flower Girl Bracelet, evil eye Girl Bracelet, Pearl Childrens Bracelet, Pearl Kids Bracelet, sterling silver – wedding gift

This bracelet is made with tiny quality glass pearls (4mm)and a tiny 10mm flower in sterling silver. The perfect gift for Flower Girl, wedding, little girl, baby, new born, baptism etc.

Materials :
– 4mm quality glass white pearls
– 10mm sterling silver flower with a very tiny blue evil eye
– Closure with a sterling silver springring.


Using the Wrist Measurement Chart below is an easy way to determine the right sized bracelet for a baby. Identify the age of the baby and the chart will tell you which length/size to order. It is that simple. However, these are general guidelines and each child is different. To get a more accurate fit, measure your child’s wrist with a tape measure and it should lightly wrap around the wrist with no gaps. Then add a 1/2 inch to that measurement to get a baby bracelet size. For a toddler or child size, add either a 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch depending upon how loose you would like the bracelet to fit.

Wrist Measurement Chart

Newborn Baby 4.25″
3 – 6 months 4.5″
6 – 12 months 4.75″
12 – 18 months 5.0″
18 – 24 months 5.5″
2 – 3 years 5.75″
4 – 5 years 6.0″
6 – 7 years 6.5″

Additional information

Weight 12 g
Size in inches

4.25", 4.50, 4.75", 5", 5.50", 5.75", 6", 6.5"


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