Brass hammered bangle bracelet




Brass hammered bangle bracelet – brass stacking bracelet

This bracelet is hand crafted with pure raw brass.
Each bangle is approximately 1/8” (3mm) wide and is made from round brass wire that has been flattened and then hammered..

It is easily adjustable. Just squeeze to adjust for a perfect fit.
Sold as single bracelet or in set of 2, 3, 4 and 5 bracelets. Select quantity desired from drop down menu to purchase multiple bracelets.

Measure your wrist circumference just above the bone. Feel your wrist to locate the knobby bones on either side of your arm and place your string on the side just above it. Wrap the string around your wrist until it’s snug and mark where it overlaps the end. Straighten out the string and hold it against a ruler to find your measurement. Write the measurement down so you don’t forget.
Don’t add any additional length to your measurement.
You can also use a flexible tape measure if you have one. Look where the tape overlaps the 0 mark at the end to record your measurement. Check last picture.

All our bracelets are custom made. These bracelets are worn tightly on the wrist. The standard size for women is 6 inches (small wrist).
For a confortable fit, please enter the perimeter of your wrist (inches or cm) With time, brass will develop a natural patina with wear and age.

If you want to keep it shiny, use a polishing cloth or some warm water and soap. If it gets tarnish clean it with a brass cleaner (like brasso).

Everyday Cleaning:

Leave your jewelry on everytime you wash your hands. When you wash your hands really thoroughly scrub your brass jewelry too. This is the best way to keep your brass jewelry fresh and bright on a day to day basis.

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Bracelet numbers

Single, Set of two, Set of 3, Set of four, Set of five


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